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This app is for every serious angler, no matter what species they fish for.

The Big Carp App makes it easy to track the fishing data and memories important to you. Just open a new live session when you go out fishing and the Big Carp App starts logging your data visually in a timeline. Local weather such as cloud cover, air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are downloaded and listed in the log automatically, as long as you have data service at your location.

Add anything you want to the live session log with just a few taps- catches, notes, bait and tackle changes, photos of your bankside dinner; whatever. You can add screenshots from other apps too! Build a library of your own tackle to use in the log, even create new tackle groups. Add as much content as you want, the Big Carp App displays it all in-line as it happens- and helps you sift through it later. Sort by venue, species, most fish in a session, total weight, and plenty more. You can even add venues and catches from the past- Keep all of your favorite fishing memories and relevant fishing data together in one place, wherever you go!

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Q: Is this app going to plaster my secrets on the internet?

A: NO WAY! This is your own personal log. No one can see your Big Carp app data but you. If you want to, there is a share option that allows you to email or facebook a photo from the app, just in case you want to brag to your friends. We are fishermen too. We know the score.

What species are listed in the Big Carp App?

A: There is a default list with our favorties, like Smallmouth, largemouth, several salmon species, and of course, carp. But it's easy to add a custom species while you are entering the species listing of a catch. That means you can save every species you ever catch, and sort them as such. Some of us keep a species life list. It's a breeze building one in Big Carp, even from old catches. You just need to import theold catch photos to your IOS device photo library and pull them from there to make a listing for each catch.

Send any questions to bigcarpusa@gmail.com
We'd love to post your screenshots and on-screen video too, so make some and send 'em along!



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